Boardman Alumni Band - September 27, 2019
The current band members and staff would be honored if you would join us in celebrating the 93rd year of the Boardman Band. We are planning a performance of the Boardman Alumni Band at the Homecoming game. We hope that you will join us for a night of reminiscing as we put generations of band members together on the field for an extraordinary show.

You must be registered online to participate. If not, please do not just show up at the last minute unless you already have an instrument and music. I simply will not be able to drop everything that night to accommodate those who show up without being registered.

Check the Resources Page of PDF versions of music are available to download. If you want to print your part, make sure you print only the page(s) you need otherwise you’ll get all the parts.

General Information and Instructions
If you have an Alumni Band T-shirt, wear that. If not, wear anything maroon and/or white. Jeans, khakis, etc. are fine on the bottom. You can get an official maroon Band T-shirt for $6 that night. If the weather is cold, plan to get a size that fit over something else.

Rehearsal at the high school will begin promptly at 5:00 PM. Get there early if you are using a school-owned instrument. At about 6:00pm, we will form a big parade block with BSMB and Alumni Band and march up to the field. If you don’t come in the band gate with the BSMB and carrying your instrument, you’ll have to pay to get into the game. Spouses, friends, relatives, etc. will have to buy a ticket and enter through the spectator gates.

If you are using a school-owned instrument, please leave it in a designated area after we perform and we’ll get it back to the high school.

First, Second, and Fourth Quarters
You will be either in the north end zone in front of the scoreboard or with the BSMB in the new Band Shell. Depending on where you are, we can trade off playing stands tunes or play them together. Remember that alcoholic beverages are prohibited in Boardman Stadium.

Afterward Halftime
We’ll have pizza and pop for you during the third quarter of the game.

Please share any plans you have for social gathering after the game. We are not organizing any type of formal reception.

It is wonderful to have you back for this event. I appreciate the fact that so many are so proud of their membership in the Band. Please keep in touch and spread the word so we can continue the Tradition of Musical Excellence way beyond graduation.

Field Instructions
Pregame – Assemble on the visitor sideline and wait for the BSMB to take the field. We do a drum walk-on, Kick It, Iowa/Butler, Buckeye. Then, the Homecoming court is introduced. As soon as the Queen is crowned, Alumni move into the pregame block and stand in line at a two step interval in the proper section. Play “Alma Mater” with BSMB. Just stand at attention while the BSMB plays the homecoming recessional. When the team is coming out, we play “Buckeye.” Then play the “Star-Spangled Banner” with us. Immediately after “Star-Spangled Banner, turn around and go off the field toward the visitor sideline.

Halftime – Assemble on the visitor sideline. Arrange yourselves in three lines with Sweethearts and Twirlers on the sideline, all instruments two steps behind, Silks four steps behind. Line up in squads of four with bass drums on each side of the fifty yard line, then work from the bottom of the instrumentation to the top stretching out on each side of the fifty. BSMB plays Fanfare, Don’t Stop Me Now, and a feature. Then, Alumni Band is introduced. We play “Buckeye Battle Cry” standing still on the sideline. Watch the conductors since we’ll be so spread out. We then play “Can Can.”
• After the roll-off, Sweethearts and Twirlers FORWARD MARCH TWO EIGHTS, Instruments FORWARD MARCH ONE EIGHT, Silks move to the sideline.
• Do step-touches and step-kicks through letter D.
• At letter E, FORWARD MARCH THREE EIGHTS (Sweethearts/Twirlers end up on front
hash mark).
• Play Can Can ending
• Turn right when BSMB pinwheels to face downfield
• Do the FUNKY with us if you know it.

Great Job!
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