Starbase Dataset Requests
As Insight Observatory's "Starbase" image sets are populated, you may request custom image sets by filling out the form below to be acquired from ATEO-1 or ATEO-2A.

To confirm your requested object is at an optimal position in the night sky to image, please visit and enter Pie Town, New Mexico as your location.

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ATEO-1 - LRGB Filters, Hours of Integration and Binning on each filter (example: L 5 @ 300 sec. Bin 1x1, R 10 @ 300 sec Bin 2x2, G 10 @ 300 sec Bin 2x2, B 10 @ 300 sec Bin 2x2 *
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ATEO-2A - One-Shot Color - Hours of Integration and Binning (example: 10 @ 300 sec. Bin 1x1)
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