Enceladus Platform Application
If your project is interested in joining the Enceladus Platform please fill out the following form below and we will get back to you soon! We will discuss potential candidates and will reach out to projects shortly after
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We will use this logo on Token List Logos of Nevellus interface
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Currently listed on the following DEX/CEX
Comma separated names of exchanges, example: Nevellus, Binance, Coinbase, Balancer
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If listed on multiple exchanges, please use the one with the higher daily volume
Have you provided liquidity for your project on Nevellus?
Please provide initial liquidity for your project here: Add Liquidity
If you have provided liquidity, please provide your Nevellus token URL and LP token address of the pair
Replace "YOURTOKENADDRESS" to your token address

LP token address (Nevellus Swap LP): 0x4161a0db351aF807D52EAAe2E9B293845DA83B5E
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