Springfield Area Transportation Study (SATS)
2019 Survey of Current Transportation Network
Your input is being sought at this time to provide SATS with an understanding of the state of the current transportation network through the eyes of the people who travel within the area. The survey will take only a few minutes and your time and thoughts are appreciated.
The Springfield Area Transportation Study is the designated transportation planning body for the Springfield Metropolitan Planning Area. It includes the communities of Chatham, Clear Lake, Curran, Grandview, Jerome, Leland Grove, Riverton, Rochester, Sherman, Southern View, Spaulding and Springfield. Every five years, a long range plan is developed and includes transportation projects to be completed over the next 25 years. The public, SATS communities, Illinois Department of Transportation and Sangamon County work together to create a plan that will assure that travel in the area is safe, reliable, efficient and reflective of the needs of all the people it serves.
Related to the Springfield Metropolitan Planning Area, would you describe yourself as a (check all that apply): *
How would you rate the overall quality of transportation within the metropolitan planning area? *
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What modes of travel do you typically use in a month (check all that apply)? *
How would you rate your experience traveling by *
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Motor vehicle (personal or rideshare)
Commercial vehicle
Do you feel there are adequate travel opportunities in the area for all citizens to reach desired goods, services, activities and destinations? *
If you answered "no" above, please explain.
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Indicate your opinion based on the following statements. The Springfield Metropolitan Planning Area should: *
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Invest more to maintain the existing road network
Build new streets and roadways
Encourage alternate modes of travel (transit, bike and walking)
Continue to construct off-street bike trails and add bike lanes
Add, complete gaps or improve the sidewalk network
Add detection systems at intersections to stop red light running and improve intersection safety
Would you like to share any additional thoughts about the current transportation network?
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The final three questions are being asked in order to assure a fair and non discriminating representation of the population within the entire area.
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