UNO Jazz Camp Theory Placement Exam 2019
Please complete this UNO Jazz Camp Theory Placement Exam by June 1. Make sure you hit SUBMIT when you are done! The purpose of this exam is to place you in a theory class with students of a similar ability level. It is an honor system to take this test on your own without the help of a friend, parent, notebook, textbook, teacher, sibling, the internet, or any other assistance. If you "cheat" you are detracting from your own camp experience because your score will be skewed high placing you in a class that is over your head. You may leave questions blank if you wish to do so. At any time as you take this test you can skip to the end and hit submit if you feel like the material is over your head. Please do not worry if you don't know any of the answers! That's why you are coming to the camp! You will be placed in a class with other students at the same level so everyone is comfortable! YOU MUST HIT SUBMIT AT THE END OF THE QUIZ, EVEN IF YOU ELECT TO SKIP ALL OF THE QUESTIONS!
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If you have never been taught any music theory and wish to be placed in the beginning theory class, please select the first option, then skip to the end and hit submit. *
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