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Are you ready for the summit of a life time? Perhaps you've climbed some of the highest peaks on earth, or you dream of climbing them someday, you wake up each morning wanting more, needing more, and you just don’t know how to get there on your own. Just like there are Sherpas for helping you up those mountains, let me, Coach Glenn take you on the journey of submitting the internal mountains of Self-Mastery and the outer-mountains of Creation.

My mission is to work with those who are ready to go beyond their limitations and who are ready to commit to their higher calling and wholeness. Let my gift (3 High-Level Coaching Sessions & The Life Mastery Roadmap-$2,500 Value), prepare you and show you my commitment to creating a long-lasting, high-level coaching relationship.

Find a space you won't be interrupted. Put on some background spa music to limit distractions. Set a timer, roll up your sleeves and take JUST 60 MINUTES MAX to complete these comprehensive, self-auditing questions in one sitting. Just do your best with each question and move on to the next one. Be real, hold nothing back! The clearer you communicate, the easier we can create what you most desire together. I'm here to help you, love up on you, and can be trusted fully with your privacy. When answering your questions, ask yourself what pure love would do to lift you and others up to the next level. Love always delivers. All it takes is one powerful question to jolt you awake and set the path of transformation in motion!

This Google form will not save your answers until you hit submit at the end. If you walk away unfinished, you will have to start over from the beginning. Upon completion, you will immediately receive an email with your answers. PLEASE make sure to enter in your email correctly, once again all of your information, is 100% private and confidential between you and I. I'll review your application and follow up in 2-3 business days to book our initial powerful, professional 90-minute video coaching call together.

Important caveat: I'm here to be useful to you, show up with open-heartedness and help you be at more peace with yourself. I'm not here to "buy into" your limiting stories that say you can't have what you want or that something outside of you is making your life hard, or even tell you I think you need to force change, that there's something wrong about you that needs to be fixed. You'll be able to leverage me to come with an openness to learning and willingness to test new ideas, and as your tenacious accountability catalyst to make some tough decisions and follow-through with action.

Thank you for your time and effort here. Now, let's get started!

Honored to serve you...committed to your success and happiness,
Coach Glenn
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