Shadwell Hardship Fund Application
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Please provide number and age of any children resident at this address. Please also provide details of any other dependents, this includes full-time students. *
Please provide the number and age range of any other working-age adults resident with the applicant. *
Please chose an answer from below that best describes your families source(s) of income. It doesn't matter if it's one person with all sources of income or multiple people each with a different source. *
If not receiving government/council support of any kind please estimate the families income. If they are receiving government support then this question should be left blank.
Please detail the applicants connection with Shadwell. This could be that they are resident (or were until recently) in the ward, work in the ward, or have a connection with one or more of the below institutions. Please note that there is some flexibility on geography but that primarily this fund is for people with a strong connection to Shadwell. Institutions: St George's in the East, St Paul's Shadwell, Daral Ummah Mosque, St Mary's Cable street, Gift of Knowledge Charity, Tower Hill Mission. *
Please provide a summary of the applicant(s) financial situation.  *
Please provide details, if any, of successful applications to other funds. This does not exclude the applicant.
Please provide more details on what the applicant(s) needs the grant for and the desire value of the grant. A shopping list of items you would spend the money on (e.g. Nappies, sanitaries items) and if it’s for a bill then please provide the bill value (e.g. phone £11, prepayment meter £10). Most grants are expected to be in the range of £30-50 total. If there is any supporting evidence like a bill please email it to *
Please tick the box below if the applicant consents to have St George in the East, [St Pauls Shadwell, St Mary's Cable Street & Darul Ummah Mosque] to process and store their data for the award of this grant only. This data will be deleted within one year of application. *
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