Stories from term faculty at UMD
UEA has been working to increase job security for term faculty for years now, only to meet continued administrative resistance. We want to try a different approach to raise awareness of the real and dire consequences on our lives of not knowing if our contract is going to be renewed until very late in the year. We will organize a speak out event in the coming months to come together as a community and share the stories of coping with disruption, anxiety and feeling disrespected.

We want to make sure that everybody will have the opportunity to be heard, while recognizing that not everybody will be able to attend the event and that speaking out is not without risk. If you have a story, or several stories, to tell about how the precariousness of your employment affects you or about being a term faculty at UMD in general, please use the anonymous form below. The stories will be read out loud during the speak out event and possibly shared on a webpage. If you can attend the event, you will have the opportunity to volunteer to read some stories. Tenured and tenure-track faculty will also be able to volunteer to read, in solidarity.

To preserve your and your colleagues' anonymity, please avoid names or any details that would allow a listener to identify the people described. In addition, we will proofread the stories and redact some details if we fear they might compromise anonymity.

Finally, if you are not comfortable submitting anything online, you are welcome to drop your anonymous stories on paper at the UEA's office in the Griggs board room (slip it under the door if the office is closed). Please include a statement saying whether or not you authorize the UEA to share your story publicly, orally or in writing.

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