OTM Award Nomination Form
Thank you for taking the time to nominate an individual, group, or program for outstanding impact on the Northern Kentucky community! Your thoughtful nomination will aid the NRHH in selecting Of-the-Month award (OTM) winners, which are determined on a monthly basis.

Please complete this form and keep in mind that, although we appreciate everyone's hard work, we must limit the number of recipients in each category to one each month. Feel free to revisit this page to submit nominations for other categories or additional nominations for the same category, but please do not nominate any group, program, or individual for more than one category of award.

Monthly submissions for OTM nominations will be due the 27th of each month at 11:59PM. After 11:59PM on the 27th, any submissions for OTM nominations will be considered for the following month.

Check out our https://tinyurl.com/HowToWriteAGreatNomination if you'd like some pointers on great nominations!

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If you're nominating a program, please indicate the individual(s) or organization(s) who organized the program.
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Please select the category that best describes the nominee. See https://nkunrhh.com/otm-categories/ for more information.
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Please select the hall or area this nominee lives in (for individuals), works in (for groups), was organized in (for programs), and if this individual is a member of an organization for which you are nominating please list it here.
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In the space below, please describe why the nominee deserves this award. Some items to consider when composing your nomination include (but are not limited to) how the individual (s) or program in question exceeded expectations, displayed a positive attitude, supported University Housing, the Housing team, or community, exhibited new and innovative ways of programming, and fostered a healthy community in the NKU residence halls. NRHH will be grateful for any pertinent information regarding the nominee, but will particularly appreciate the writer's opinion of the nominee's specific attributes that qualify the nominee for this award. (Nominations must be at least 250 characters long)
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Additional Program Information
If the nomination is for a program, please provide (if you know the information) the goals of the program, how the program met the needs of students, the program's positive and lasting impact on the community, cost of the program, number in attendance, a short evaluation of the program (what went well and what could be improved), and how the program can be adapted to other campuses.
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