Texas Interfraternity Council 2019 Judicial Board Application
Application Opens: Friday 12 am, January 25, 2019
Application Closes: Friday 11:59 pm, February 9, 2019

Interview Date: By Email Invitation.

You must be an active, dues paying member of an IFC affiliated chapter during the entire calendar year of 2019. Preference will be given to applicants who are currently Juniors and Seniors with previous executive leadership experience.

In order to be appointed and maintain a position on the Judicial Board, the following requirements must be met:
a. A full time student during each long semester at The University of Texas at Austin, unless a lesser amount is required for graduation.
b. Not be on scholastic or disciplinary probation with The University.
c. Have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.
d. Remain a dues paying member of his Chapter.
e. Fulfill the job specifications of his office to the expectations of the Judicial Board and the General Assembly.

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Position Information
Composition and Duties of the IFC Judicial Board

a. The Judicial Board shall be composed of the Vice President of Judicial Affairs, the Assistant Vice
President of Judicial Affairs, and seven (7) judicial members.
b. All IFCJB members must come from different IFC Fraternities.

a. Assistant Vice President of Judicial Affairs – the Assistant VP of Judicial Affairs is appointed by the VP of
Judicial Affairs each year to fulfill the following duties:

1. Maintain attendance records for Judicial Board meetings.
2. Educating new members of the IFC Judicial Board
3. Preparing all materials for Judicial Board meetings.
4. Assisting with application and interview process for new board members.
5. Assisting the VP of Judicial Affairs with any other reasonable task.
6. Keeping up with all current cases, IFC Policies, and applicable University policies.

b. Justices - Individual members are appointed by the VP of Judicial Affairs each year to fufill the following duties:

1. Each member must attend the regularly scheduled Judicial Board meetings
2. Each member is expected to conduct all business of the Board in confidence and complete all assigned
duties by the VP of Judicial Affairs in a fair and diligent manner.

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