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We have combined our creativity, resources and expertise to bring you the most exciting and unique venue you have ever seen. With over two decades of event design and production experience Fresh Wata Studios not only serves as an event space, but also extends a plethora of event planning support and services. Our space features fun and unique decor in each of our rooms that change on occasion to keep the venue feeling new and fresh. We would love to show you around, so contact our Venue Manager, Dot, to set up a tour:
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We can accommodate up to 400 guests indoors and an additional 800-1,200 outdoors depending on the event layout. For shoots, please let us know how many people to expect.
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The more insight we have on your audience, the better our suggestions will be for entertainment, seating, food and beverage etc. Feel free to share a brief profile with some demographics, their motivations, needs, tastes or any helpful details for planning their experience.
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Services may include any of the following: Event Checklist; Comprehensive Budget Worksheet; Vendor Recommendations; Vendor Relationships; Event Design/Theme; Save the Dates/Invitations/Thank You Cards; Graphic Design Support; Table Design and Decoration; Gift Selection; Guest Relationships; Vendor Payment; Schedule Creation; Event Day Coordination; Favor Selection; Complete Vendor Communication & Contracting; Entertainment & Music Selection; Programs; Place Cards; Menu & Dessert Selection; Event Set Up & Tear Down; Vendor Follow Up & Confirmation; and Floorpan Development
If applicable, please share more information about your event planning needs.
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Beverage catering is exclusively managed in-house. We can allow outside food from licensed and insured caterers however, there is an additional cleaning fee and/or outside food fee per person.
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This helps our teams get an idea of what to suggest and recommend with menu development. Use the "other" field to share the price range (per person) that you would like to stay within for food and beverages.
If applicable, please share more information about your catering needs and preferences.
Any details on the service, cuisines, courses, dietary preferences, allergies and/or food items you have in mind are helpful for us to make recommendations and put together your event's menu. Service options include tray-passed appetizers, buffet setup, live chef stations and plated meals.
Are there any A/V or equipment needs? *
If applicable, please share more information about your A/V and equipment needs.
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All existing decor and furnishings throughout the venue are included with the rental along with access to 200 dark grey Gunner chairs.
If applicable, please share more information about your rental and/or furnishing needs.
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