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The SENTINEL project, funded by the European Commission (, aims to bring together clusters from architecture and building, interiors furnishings and equipment, energy efficiency, water management to ICT and others, working together in the developing a long-term collaboration framework to enable their SME members to acquire capacities to go internationally, in a better competitive position, towards the emerging markets outside Europe in the hospitality sector, in which the project will do a market research.

We kindly ask you to participate in this survey, which will allow us to understand the level of interest of the SMEs in these markets and sector. Your participation at the survey is essential to guarantee that the markets selected to be explored within the project are relevant for an high number of SME members of these clusters and to allow us to understand their priorities on this sector.

The survey includes 13 pre-selected countries, that have been selected taking into account secondary data coming from international organisations in terms of forecasting growth of the tourism, market size, economic development in the country and level of investment (public and private). You can find a short presentation that includes relevant indicators, in the following link: .This information could be useful to you for a better understanding of this markets and to determine your level of interest of each one.

The information shared by you in this survey is confidential, it will be only used for the purposes of this project. In case it be spread, it will only be done in an aggregated way and just to the SMEs participating in the survey, without sharing any personal information.

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Costa Rica
United Arab Emirates
South Africa
Thank you so much for your answers.
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