2019 NYS DCDT Talent and Interest Survey
New York State Division on Career Development and Transition membership offers access to numerous resources that assist students, families, community agencies, educators, employers, and postsecondary institutions to prepare students with disabilities for the transition to life after high school. As a network, we will maximize your membership by learning about your areas of interest, providing information, and utilizing your perspective and expertise in the transition planning process.

Please complete this survey to help us grow as a team. Anyone who completes and submits it by WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16 will have the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for one of two $25.00 Amazon gift cards. Thank you!

Help us learn about your areas of need, interest, experience and expertise by checking the response(s) which best reflects your current status related to the following transition topics. *
I need information about this.
I am interested in learning about this.
I can share my experience/perspective on this.
I can share my expertise on this.
Adult Services
Assistive Technology
Benefits Planning
Career Development and Work-Based Learning Opportunities
Disability Awareness
Employment/Supported Employment
Family Engagement
Graduation Requirements/Exiting Credentials
High-quality Inclusive Programs and Activities
Independent Living
Job Development/Job Coaching
Multi-Tiered Systems of Behavioral and Academic Support
Postsecondary Education and Training
Research-Based/Evidence-Based Instructional Teaching and Learning Strategies
Specially-Designed Instruction to Provide Students with Disabilities with Access to General Education Curriculum
As a NYS DCDT member, you have the opportunity to actively participate on our committees. Please indicate which committee(s) are of interest to you. *
I am interested in participating on this committee.
I am interested in learning more about this committee and would like to receive additional information.
I am not interested in participating on this committee at this time.
Nominating and Elections
Publicity and Communications
Program Planning
As a NYS DCDT member, you have the opportunity to run for office and be on the Executive Board. Please indicate which position(s) you have an interest in holding. *
I am interested in running for this office.
I am interested in learning more about this office. Send information to the email I am providing you at the end of this survey.
I am not interested in becoming an officer at this time.
If you indicated you wanted additional information regarding committees and/or leadership positions, please share your full name and email address below. Thank you.
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