"Edgefolio Spotlight" - Interviews with Managers and Allocators
Dear Manager / Investor,

It's great to have you as a member of this initiative.

We decided to use our network and communication tools to support some of you, helping you make connections while fostering discussions and debates. The goal is to put you on the spotlight of our community, so opportunities will come both for you and for your counterparties.

Over the next couple weeks, we will send you over a list of questions, and will kindly ask you to fill some of these.

The questions will be around your background, your company, your strategy, the way you operate, challenges that you are facing, what makes you unique etc.

The interview will be posted on our website and pushed through all our media channels, while offering you our help with this. (We will never post anything without asking your permission / you proofreading it). Of course, you are welcome to use the links and post it anywhere you want as well.

Once more, we are delighted to work together with you on this!

Kind regards,
Edgefolio team

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