Transitions Film Festival Audience Survey 2017
Thank you for taking the time to fill in our survey. All feedback helps us to improve the festival for next year! (estimated time to complete 5 - 10 minutes - elaborate and creative answers make us feel good)
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As a result of seeing a film at this festival, what changes will you make in your life?
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What did you like about the film(s) you saw at this year's festival? What changes will you make in your life? What will be the shape of your revolution?
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What would you like to see at next year's festival?
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Which type of film themes and / or speakers are you most interested in?
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How did you find the film introductions and / or discussions
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Were you inspired by the films, Q and A's or post screening discussions
Did you make any life changes, or join any groups or campaigns as a result of the festival? Share your stories with us!
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What does 'Transition' mean to you? How can we achieve it?
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Can you name any of the brands and organisations that supported the Festival?
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Do you have any other questions, suggestions or items to promote?
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On a scale of 1 - 5, how satisfied were you with this event?
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