GMS Safe Schools Student Survey 2017-18
Please answer the following questions thoughtfully and honestly.
How safe do you feel at GMS?
Please check one circle for each of the locations below.
Almost always
Outside the building before/after school
In the classrooms
In Mustang Park during break/lunch
In the hallways
In the locker pod
On the 8th grade stairs
On the 7th grade stairs
In the locker room
In the lunchroom
On the bus
Walking to and from school
In the bathrooms
If you marked "sometimes" or "never" for any location please explain why: *
Your answer
Check all boxes that you agree with: *
How to do you travel to and from school most often? *
Mark all that apply
What grade are you in? *
Ethnicity (origin) or race. *
Please specify your ethnicity:
Do you bring a snack to school? *
If you answered "no" to the question above, please explain why:
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What is your first name? *
This is to ensure that all GMS students complete the survey. In addition, students will be picked at random for prizes!
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