CCC Chili Cook-Off - Event registration
Event Timing: November 19th, 2016. 12:15 PM Craft Tables Open, 2:00 PM Chili Cook-Off Open

Event Address: 3701 College Avenue, Clarkston GA. 30021
Contact us at (404) 508-1050 or

Note: We provide a table and chairs. A table is $100 for businesses/restaurants, $50 for Individuals and $25 for Craft Vendors.

The winners will have the chance to win an adult bicycle, a Tablet and our Signature raffle item of a signed baseball from Atlanta Braves player A.J. Pierzynski. prizes, and of course bragging rights for the entire year.

Rules and Regulations:
[12:30 PM ] Registration Start-
Grounds will open and you may start setting up your area

[1:15 PM ] Cook's Meeting-
The Event Coordinator will go over the rules with everyone and you will be given your cups and table at this time.

[1:30 PM ] Start Preparation
Please prepare your table and make sure that you are set up for attendees to taste your chili. Please have small cups with chili ready so people may grab and go.

[2:00 PM] Tasting-
Each Team will automatically be entered into the People's Choice Category. All teams must provide 2 gallons or more for tasting for the People's Choice Award

[2:00 - 4:00 ] People's Choice Award Judging-
Judging will take place between 2 and 4 pm. The Event Coordinator will compile the results to be announced at 4 pm in the Angora Hall.

[4:30 PM ] Winners!-
Winners will be announced and prizes will be presented accordingly.

Teams must complete an Entry Form with the CCC and pay the appropriate entry fee.

There are two types of Entry Fees:
Professional Chefs= area restaurants and businesses. The Pros entry fee is $100. Each year’s winner will have their team/business name plaque added to the Chili Cook-off trophy which will be displayed in our main entry.

Individuals= in-home non-professional cooks. The entry fee will be $50. The winners will have the chance to win prizes, and of course bragging rights for the entire year.

NOTE: EVERYONE must cook their chili in advance and bring it to the center. We will have a kitchen if you have last minute items you need to garnish or add. Please keep in mind we do not have a stove.

All Chili Cook-off teams must be present at the Cook’s Meeting at [1:15] and be prepared to start preparation by [1:30 ].

This is an open class chili cook off. You can submit any type and variation of chili you would like. There will not be different classes such as chili soup or traditional. You must be willing to eat your own chili. If you consider your chili to be hot and spicy please have a sign saying so.

All Competition Chili teams MUST provide 2 or more gallons of People's Choice Chili in addition to the 1 quart required for submission to the judges. Each team will automatically be entered into the People's Choice category. Tasting cups & spoons will be supplied by Granite Hill Camping Resort.

Each team will be assigned a 6 ft long table WITH Electricity. All contestants must bring their own heating device such as a camp stove, canned heat, etc. Teams must supply all chili ingredients, equipment and fuel. You may want to bring an extra extension cord.

At no time can your chili cook off station be unattended.

Chili must be ready for public tasting at 2 pm.

If you do not abide by these rules the Chili Cook-off Coordinator has the right to disqualify you.

Food Hygiene
Below is a list of temporary food booth requirements for contestants in this charity Chili Cook-off, we will be on hand the morning of the Cook-off to inspect food booths.

All food handlers shall wear aprons and use approved food handling instruments; forks, spoons, soup ladles, etc. Handlers must wear clean clothing and have effective hair restraints.
Each booth shall have at least one booth leader who will be responsible for insuring their booth is in compliance with these rules.
The use of any Tobacco products is prohibited in the Chili Cook-Off designated area, (to include but not limited to cigarettes, cigars and/or chewing tobacco.)
No dogs will be permitted in the chili cook-off area.
Aprons must be worn at all times while working in your assigned work area. If you are to leave the immediate area you must remove your apron until you return.
Provisions shall be made to keep hot food hot (145 degrees F or above) and cold food cold (41 degrees F or under)
Food shall be stored in containers and not directly on un-drained wet ice. Provisions shall be made to prevent wastewater from ice and other sources from draining on the ground.
Bulk foods shall be covered except during period of immediate service.
No foods shall be stored on the ground.
Each booth will be responsible for the clean- up of their area (garbage bags and containers will be provided.)

Here’s a list of some things you may not want to forget:

Heating device i.e. camp stove, gas grill, gas fish fryer etc.
Clean clothes
Hot and spicy sign
Chili ingredients
Decorations for spot/station
Paper towels
Device to keep things hot
Extra containers
Something to cover booth

Here’s a list of the things we will provide:

6 ft table
Tasting cups and spoons
1 quart container per entry
Garbage bags
Awards and prizes
Free parking

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