Cause Marketing

Thank you for considering a relationship with the Vermont Foodbank!

We have developed these Cause Marketing Guidelines to provide clear direction on expectations throughout any cause marketing relationship with the Vermont Foodbank.

A cause marketing relationship occurs when:

• an organization is promoting a product or service to the public;
• the product or service is promoted through media outlets; and
• the promotion will benefit the Vermont Foodbank.

The Vermont Foodbank must approve all cause marketing relationships between the Vermont Foodbank and any corporation/organization or donor.

• The amount of resources committed to the relationship by the Vermont Foodbank will be assessed on a case by case basis and will be in proportion to the donation provided by the corporation/organization.
• The Vermont Foodbank can not ‘endorse’ any product and/or service.
• We ask that you coordinate the time frame for the promotion with the Vermont Foodbank in order to maximize potential and avoid conflict with other campaigns.
• The Vermont Foodbank cannot provide internal mailing lists to third-party corporations/organizations.
• The Vermont Foodbank reserves the right to terminate any cause marketing relationship at any time.


As a general rule, organizations proposing a promotion for the Vermont Foodbank should:
• adhere to the Vermont Foodbank branding identity and standards;
• have a positive impact on the Vermont Foodbank’s reputation;
• generate sufficient revenue to justify the commitment of requested Vermont Foodbank resources.

Representatives of the Vermont Foodbank may not approve a cause marketing relationship if:

• entering into a relationship constitutes a conflict of interest for the Vermont Foodbank;
• the effort is not aligned to support the Vermont Foodbank’s mission;
• the Vermont Foodbank is required to provide up-front funding to support the cause marketing effort.


Corporation/Organization Expectation

• The corporation/organization must submit the entire promotion description (see next page) to the Vermont Foodbank for final approval prior to the kick-off.
• All related promotional materials must be submitted to the Vermont Foodbank for approval.
• All donations must be made within 6 weeks of completion of the promotion.
• Promotional materials should disclose the per-unit amount going to the Vermont Foodbank.

The Vermont Foodbank Expectation

• The Vermont Foodbank will assist with promotion, as appropriate.
• The Vermont Foodbank will provide appropriate donor recognition.
• The Vermont Foodbank will provide necessary language for promotional materials.
• The Vermont Foodbank will provide logos and artwork as appropriate.


The participating corporation/organization agrees to:

• comply with the Cause Marketing Program Guidelines which are indicated above;
• adhere to the Vermont Foodbank’s branding identity and standards;
• positively represent the Vermont Foodbank;
• obtain approval from the VFB in appropriate time frames of all relevant promotions.

The Vermont Foodbank agrees to:

• assist with promotion, as appropriate;
• provide appropriate donor recognition;
• provide necessary language for promotional materials;
• craft promotional materials specific to agreed promotion;
• provide logos and artwork as appropriate.

Corporation/organization will be solely responsible for any tax obligations that may arise in connection with sale of its products or services.

Corporation/organization agrees to indemnify the Vermont Foodbank for the costs of any claims, lawsuits, judgments, settlements or losses that may arise out of the business practices of corporation/organization or its products or services.

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