AIA Baseball Umpire Information Survey *Only complete once
We will use this information to assist us with building the schedules in the AIA System. Please complete as accurately as you can. Also note that our Zone Map, outlining the names of schools has changed.

We are now using the updated AIA Zone Map (which you will see below).

**Please ONLY COMPLETE THE FORM ONCE...should updates in your information occur, you can email "" to have your information updated.
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Who will be your **Baseball Partner for 2020 season? If you do not have a partner, write "No Partner" OR "I need a Partner" **Please make sure that your partner also lists you on their survey as well** *
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What is the closest School to you, from where you would leave for a game daily? *Does not have to be exact, this simply gives us an idea of where you leave from for games. *
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Which Zones (of the Phoenix Metro Area ) do you prefer to work? *Select all that apply. *
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Please list any schools that you cannot work due to conflict (if none, write none): *
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Can you work during weekdays for Spring Tournaments? *
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I have updated my availability to work AIA games on my AIA Profile Calendar (by logging into your AIA account at ) *
Varsity Officials- are you willing to be a Mentor to a New AIA Official? This will include working a game with them, answering questions during the season and generally ensuring the best experience possible for the New AIA Official. *
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