BWAM Summit Registration 2019
A family gathering for the BWAM network.

Date: Tuesday, February 19 at 3:00pm – Saturday, February 23rd at 1.00pm
Location: Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Early Bird Price - until January 7th
Total Summit Cost per person:
Country A - $150
Country B - $120
Country C - $80

Full Price after January 7th
Total Summit Cost per person:
Country A - $180
Country B - $140
Country C - $85

For a list of Country categories, see:
All $ prices shown are in US dollars.

Registration Payment: Once you submit this registration form, we will invoice you for your registration fee. You can choose to pay the minimum deposit of US$50 per person (and pay the balance in Thai Baht on arrival, at the exchange rate of the day) or you can choose to pay the full amount in US$ now.

Discount for Couples: Country A - $40 // Country B - $30 // Country C - $20 - Discount per couple.

Children: Age 0-5 - Free // 6-12 - $30 per child // 13+ - $60 per child (Includes opening dinner and lunches)

Note: Summit price does NOT include accommodation, visa or travel costs. After registration we will contact you about accommodation options – ranging from 300-900THB ($10-30) per night.

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Please give the NAME & EMAIL ADDESS of the YWAM leader you relate to, as well as the LOCATION of the YWAM Team/Campus/Base you are connected to:
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Please let us know about other BWAMers (or BAMers with a YWAM background) who you would like to recommend we invite to the BWAM Summit. You may also forward the link to this registration to them.
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Once you submit your Registration, we will send you Hotel Accommodation options. Each person will need to book their own accommodation online, but we can help you find a room mate if you want to share. A shared room at the Duangtawan Hotel (Summit Venue) will cost 900THB per night (~$30). We will also provide some other hotel suggestions ranging from 300-600THB (~$10-20) per person/night (sharing a room). Please supply the following information about your hotel preferences.
Your Accommodation Preference *
If you have chosen 'Shared' room above, who is your preferred room mate?
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You will hear from us shortly to confirm your Summit Registration and about Registration Fee payment options. We will also contact you with Hotel Accommodation options.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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