Mind the Gap (Book Pre-Order)
"This book is for men.

Men who see women not as objects or threats but as partners, collaborators, and allies."

I am writing this book to help men help women advance their careers by offering not judgment or rhetoric but practical guidance and specific suggestions.

Women need male allies and the good news is that there are plenty of men in the workplace who sincerely want to help. Men who want to be better leaders. Men who want to understand female consumers. Men who realize that empowering women is key to recruiting and retaining a workforce with the most complete and diverse sets of skills.
I interviewed 60 men throughout the technology industry, including CEOs, investors, executives, directors, salespeople, engineers, and product managers. The group represents a broad cross section of backgrounds in regards to age, cultures, and nationalities.

I developed a matrix of 7 composite characters divided them into three categories: The Advocates (Marc, James, Samir), The Allies (Memo, Al, and Chris), and The Opposed (Richard). I ranked the characters from the most willing to support women and also taking the most action (Mark) to the least willing and least active (Richard). For each character, I list specific, practical action concerning leadership, management, and culture, that they can take to move up a level on the matrix.

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