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Taiwan is a hidden gem in Asia and many international scholars are looking for opportunities to move here. Taiwanese Universities regularly advertise for PhD vacancies (postdoc, professors) on international websites such as Times Higher Education, however many of these adverts turn out to be false advertising.
They promise grants, careers, paid expenses, but after arriving in the country PhD holders are given less favourable contracts, which are not translated into English and then are mistreated, blackmailed, obliged to hand in their research which the University staff then pass for theirs, their salaries not paid, and their permits revoked. In some cases, they are offered illegal employment. They are then also given legal support via legal aid schemes that pilots the trials against high profile employers that go on for years, legal evidence is ignored, adding the insult of miscarriage of justice to the damages of professional abuse.

There are countless stories of academic staff (postdocs, professors) being threatened by their colleagues in Universities that they would be accused of academic misconduct if they did not cooperate in their research fraud, sign false papers and hand in all their work to them.

International Academics in Taiwan is an informal anonymous network seeking to gather data with a view to make legal representation at international level.

International Academics (PhD holders) who have been/are employed by Taiwanese universities and have been subjected to abuse are welcome to participate in this research.

This project, initiated under the international convention for human rights and labor rights, initially seeks to gather data and validate reports from international academics who have been employed by universities and research institutions in Taiwan and during their employment were blackmailed or had their salaries stopped or were forced to hand in their own research.

Interested subjects should enter their contact details in this form and will be sent a questionnaire and consent form and more detail about the project

Person data will be verified for validity, however it will remain confidential and anonymous.
The data collected will be analyzed and published only in anonymous aggregate from.

Respondents who contribute data will be given the opportunity to participate as co-PI in the research and form a coalition for collective action and legal representation.
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