Winter 2018 Kids & Teens Scholarship Application
PHIT recognizes that the cost of our Kids & Teens classes can pose a barrier to entry for some of our students and their families. In an effort to overcome this barrier, PHIT will award a number of need-based scholarships to study in our Kids & Teens Training Center in each of our sessions throughout the year.

PHIT’s Kids & Teens Scholarships are need-based and open to any family who self-identifies such a need. Because we have a limited number of scholarships, we ask that applicants be mindful of their need when considering submitting an application so that the scholarships we award can be given to students who might not otherwise be able to benefit from our classes without support from the theater. If you feel your family is able to afford half tuition, please make a note of that on the application, as it will allow us to spread the scholarship aid even further.

Applications will be accepted and notifications sent out on a rolling basis. In some instances, student award decisions may be deferred until closer to the start of the class session. All scholarship notifications will go out no later than January 10th.

The PHIT Kids & Teens Scholarship cannot be exchanged for money (i.e. if you have already signed up for a class, you can't apply the scholarship and get a refund on your payment).

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Optional Diversity Information
Philly Improv Theater’s goal is to increase representation of persons of color, women, persons over age 40, members of the LGBTQ community and U.S. military service members and veterans to create an environment which is supportive and welcoming to all people and reflects the experiences of the greater community in which we live.

By answering these optional questions about your child's identity, you help PHIT measure our progress in supporting and sustaining a diverse community. To learn more about PHIT’s diversity initiatives please visit our website’s diversity program page at

We recognize that racial and cultural identities are complex and parents views do not always exactly match those of their children. As an alternative to the multiple-choice and short response questions below, we have an open-ended response question at the bottom of this section where we welcome more detail on your family’s racial-ethnic identities.

How would you describe your child's racial background?
Would you describe your child as Mexican, Mexican-American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Cuban-American, or a member of some other Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino group?
How would you describe your child's gender?
Are you aware of your child identifying as transgender?
Are you aware of your child identifying as a member of the LGBTQ community?
Does your child have a member of their immediate family who is an active duty U.S. military service member or U.S. military veteran?
If you would prefer to share your child’s background with an open-ended response, or to provide more detail than the questions above allow, please do so here:
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PHIT Kids & Teens - Terms & Conditions of Enrollment
Available online for review at: Parents should familiarize themselves with our terms & conditions of enrollment and acknowledge that they have done so below.
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