PETITION to U.S. Senators to continue hearings and create an Independent Commission to investigate the Trump connection to Russia
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If you are concerned about the Trump Campaign's and Administration's connection to Russia, sign this petition - we'll go to their offices in DC in person to tell them your views. And we might even be able to get you on the phone with someone on their staff.

If you live in North Carolina, Virginia, Idaho, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, California, New Mexico, Oregon, or West Virginia, your senator(s) are on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which is conducting the current congressional investigation. While appointment of a special counsel at the FBI is a positive development, Congress needs to create an Independent, non-partisan commission, and in the meantime continue public hearings in the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The most recent issue in the investigation: General Flynn refused to comply with the Senate Intelligence Committee's subpoena. Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee must now meet to vote and decide whether to hold Flynn in contempt or accept his attempt to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. The Intelligence Committee should make Flynn appear before their committee to explain his non-compliance with the subpoena or plead the Fifth Amendment. And if Flynn refuses to turn over documents, which cannot be withheld under the Fifth Amendment, the Intelligence Committee should hold him in contempt and refer him to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington for criminal charges.

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I live in [your state]. I am concerned about the Trump Campaign's and Trump Administration's ties to and collusion with the Russian Government. Although the FBI has appointed a Special Counsel to investigate criminal wrongdoing, Congress still has a responsibility to ensure that a full investigation of potentially impeachable offenses is conducted. Please move with all urgency so that we can find out whether the Trump campaign received help from the Russian Government during the 2016 campaign, and whether the Campaign knew about that help, sought it out, or otherwise coordinated with the Russian Government.
In particular, you should meet to vote to hold General Flynn in contempt for failing to testify and to turn over documents, and refer him to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington for criminal charges.
In addition, I ask that you support an Independent Nonpartisan Commission appointed by the Congress to investigate the Russia ties. The Independent Commission must also investigate the Administration's current ties to the Russian Government and President Trump's business connections with the Russian Government and other Russian interests. We need to know whether the U.S. Government has been infiltrated or is being influenced by a foreign power.
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Have you been able to reach a live person to discuss your views on the Russia investigation when you call your Senator's office in DC or one of his district offices? (To try calling look up the number here: *
Are you interested in talking to a staff member in your Senator's DC Office? If so we will try to call you using our phones when we are in their DC offices and put you on with a live staff member. We make visits between 10:30am - 4:00pm EDT, so let us know days of the week and times of days you are typically available. *
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Note about Deliveries and Requests for Calls
If only a few constituents sign for a particular senator, we will have to hold the letter to that senator until we get more signatures. So please forward this to your in-state friends so they can sign too. (and of course, forward to friends in other states as well!).

If you have said you'll be available for a call, THANK YOU! We will do our best to arrange it but we may not have resources to meet all requests. If you don't hear from us but really want to do a call, send an email to and we'll try to make you a priority.

Here's a Herd on the Hill volunteer helping a constituent talk to Senator Burr's staff. Senator Burr is Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating the Trump-Russia connection. Hope we can connect you too!
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