I will review your... #elefDoesCode
🤓The process:
1. Every week I will do a live stream on my youtube channel reviewing your site
2. I will give feedback and suggestions according to your needs.
3. If I have a way to contact you, I'll gladly do so :)
4. If you have any question don't hesitate to contact me!

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or more advanced.

🙏Thank you for taking part with your website into my live streams.
It takes courage to let someone you don't know to review your work...
But remember feedback is important and all of us need it...

Don't forget to check my youtube channel. This is the place that I'll post your work

🤗The review is FREE. You don't pay for anything. I won't be paid by anyone
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Name (or nickname)
e.g. Ellie
Url of website/site/codepen or whatever you want me to review *
Do you want me to check specifically something? (like colors, texts, code, add/delete sections, general improvements, etc...)
e.g Yes, what do you think about the colors?
Do I have your permission to share your work in places where I post reviews and suggestions? *
e.g. Yes, you have the permission!
Contact info (preferably Twitter)
e.g Twitter @BatsouElef or email
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