(JUNE) Sacred Survival Sisterhood Sacred Training Circle in NYC
DATES: Saturday, June 15 (FULL DAY TRAINING w/ JAMIE and JL) / Sunday June 23
TIME: (June 15)- 11:00AM-6:00PM/ (Sunday) 11:00AM-2:30PM
LOCATION: Meet at entrance of Central Park on 72nd St by B/C Train lines and a block form the 1 Train

PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO COMMIT TO BOTH TRAINING DAYS, we are building on each of the skills and we only meet 2 times a Month, so we hope to create a solid and strong circle, especially with the Summer coming up!!

This event was envisioned by Jana Lynne (JL) Umipig and Jamie Yancovitz with the intention to create a Sacred Space of gathering for Womxn of Color/ Queer&Trans&Cis Identifying Womxn/ Indigenous and Diasporic Womxn of Color to create community in the learnings for Survival connected to Ancestral and Indigenous based teachings.

We seek to gather QTPOC Diasporic and Indigenous Womxn to be attuned and exchange in survival arts knowledge of the body, mind and spirit in connection to a coming revolution that echoes the revolutions fought by our ancestors for our continued existence. We will be looking at the context of resistance and survival that is in the spirit of all Womxn and what it means to protect the family/tribe, home and land as a part of our instinctual nature. We seek to connect to the Roots of Resistance and Survival in our lineages and how we can gather knowledge of survival body, mind and spirit for practice and way of life.

We will be rooting in this training work, twice every month leading up to our Fall Retreat in Late September/Early October. Join us in strengthening and uplifting the Womxn's Body and Womxn's Circle in Sacred Survival Sisterhood Healer and Warriorship.

**There will be Ancestral Re-membrance work that will also take place during both days

For Training:
- Shoes for outside terrain and movement (Recommended: All-Terrain Sneakers)
- Water bottle
- 2 Kali Sticks (You can Order at http://store.kaligear.com/)

For Ritual and Ceremony-
- Journal and writing tools
- Something to Lay on- Yoga Mat/ Blankets

For Our Communal Dambana (ie. Sacred Space, Altár, etc.) Offerings-
- AT LEAST ONE Photo/ Relic/ Item of Importance of Womxn Ancestors (Non-Living) you would like to Honor
- Any food offerings for these Ancestors - what they liked or enjoyed to eat
- Flowers- ones that call to you with their beauty and vibrancy
- Items that are Sacred to You, that connect you to Spirit, that Ground you

For Our Offerings to Sisterhood Circle
- A Treat/Snack to share that you LOVE/ that brings you JOY

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