What's a Cleaner?
Someone who:
> Removes foreign text from manga/webtoon
> Restore art/screentone that was below the text using clone tool, you do not "draw" anything by mouse/hand.
> Correct black and white shades (B&W manga only).

What is the difference between a typesetter and cleaner?
You remove text and restore art. Typesetter puts English text on top of your work.

Do I need to know a foreign language?

What do I need?
> Black and white Manga Cleaners: Photoshop.
> Webtoons: Any graphics editing software that can do the job.
> Decent computer for graphics editing

Which series do I work on?
Totally your choice, though it depends whether there is a position open for that project.

How difficult?
Manga - Moderate to Hard
Webtoons - Very Easy to Moderate

Odd Squad specific guide in test zip file.
Note: Please do not manually redraw things, use vector tools like "Pen tool" in Photoshop

Some obvious things:
> You don't get paid
> You need to complete the test
> There's a 2-3 week trial after you are accepted.

Complete ONE of the following tests before you begin filling the form

Manga Cleaner Test

Webtoon Cleaner Test

Note: If taking the test is too much hassle for you, you can contribute some webtoon cleans at the forums:

    This is a required question