Official Paladins Match-ID Collection Form
The team at Evil Mojo is always dedicated to improving the game in any aspect we can.

One of the ways we've been trying to improve the game is using Match-ID's players have to hunt down and target finding the cause of lag when our players experience this.

To get an idea of some of the work our Executive Producer, Xienen, has already done to improve lag in the game, you can check his write ups here:

The goal of this form is to have an organized sheet that will give us your ID's to investigate. People who contribute will not be contacted back in any form but we hope you can rest easy knowing that we have this information to investigate what may be causing these issues for you and see if there is a way to improve like we have for other regions/instances of lag.

Thank you.
Please provide Match-ID's played within the last 30 days: *
Which platform were you playing on? *
What Region do you play in (Servers)? *
Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? *
What Country in your Region are you playing in? *
What is your in-game name? (in the event we need to contact you):
Please provide any description on what you experienced during this lag specifically? (Optional)
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