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Thanks for agreeing in being part of the Funden VC Network. In order for us to shortlist startups that align to your thesis, we need your help to understand your VC Firm better. We can't wait to introduce you to great startups! If you have any questions, please get in touch:
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Do you require founders to have a track record (e.g. serial entrepreneurs, successful exits, great professional achievements)? If so, kindly explain.
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Are you open to talk to founders who have incorporated in a location out of your scope but who are willing to re-incorporate in one of your focus investment locations?
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Do you have a specific mandate about the founders you work with in terms of diversity, ethnicity, nationality, personal background, etc.? If so, please tell us more.
Do you offer operational and strategic guidance on top of capital?
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Are you open to invest completely remotely without meeting founders F2F?
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Is your fund currently active? Are you currently making investments? If not, please tell us when you expect it to be.
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