9th-12th Grade New Scholar Application 2018-2019
The New Student Application will be available online through our website beginning October 15th, prior to each applicable school year.

As a charter school, we are required to have open enrollment to all students, without discrimination, on the same basis as other public schools. If the number of students applying to enroll in our school exceeds the capacity of the school, then those to be admitted are chosen at random from among the applicants (lottery draw), subject to certain preferences. Those preferences include students who have a sibling currently attending Paradigm and students returning from the previous school year.

We will hold our first lottery draw on or around February 1, 2018. Families will be notified by e-mail. Please make sure you provide us with the e-mail address most used by your family.

Welcome to Paradigm High School! We are delighted that you are interested in attending. Before applying to the school, we would like you to look over the following terms and conditions:

1. I have read the Paradigm mission statement, philosophy, and vision, and I commit to supporting the school in achieving its mission.
2. I understand that Paradigm is a Leadership School and that students will be expected to take responsibility for themselves and their education. Paradigm is not as structured or as supervised as many traditional schools, and as such, transitional students needing a great deal of structure may not thrive in such an open environment.
3. Paradigm is a classical, liberal arts school, and focuses on building critical thinking skills. Socratic discussion, self-driven projects, papers, and oral reviews replace busy work. Although students may not receive hours of assigned homework, they are expected to do research, projects, readings, and papers on their own time.
4. Students are required to follow the school dress code.
5. Paradigm does not provide a lunch program. Students need to bring a lunch to school each day.
6. Paradigm does not provide transportation to and from school. Parents are responsible to drop-off and pick-up students from school each day within one half-hour of the beginning or ending school time.
7. I understand that students and volunteers may sometimes be asked to assess student projects and papers.
8. As a charter school, Paradigm offers volunteer opportunities to its school families. This expectation is at least 30 hours per year, or 3 hours per month of cumulative service hours per family.
9. Paradigm promotes a strict moral code. I understand that students who do not model the school virtues of respect and integrity, which are signed as a part of the school enrollment contract, may be removed from the school. The code also prohibits public display of affection, foul or obscene language, disrespect to self, others or property, any use of prohibited substances, and other restrictions.
10. I will support Paradigm values by using positive communication and respect when interacting with staff, students, and parents.

I agree to the terms/conditions
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