VCS Chromebook Recycle Project
Veazie Community School is in the process of updating our Chromebook laptop devices for all Veazie Community students currently enrolled in grades 1 - 6. Instead of selling our used devices to low-bidding tech. suppliers who turn around and re-sell them for a high mark-up, we are offering our students the ability to purchase their own device at the very reasonable price of $30 (Lenovo N22). Money raised through this project will help offset the costs of new devices.

In preparation for this transaction, we would like to get a general idea of who plans on purchasing their student devices. Here are the guidelines for this project:

1. Students will be able to purchase their own device "as is." We have been maintaining/repairing these devices over the last 3-4 years, so any dings or dents are most likely from that student's daily use.

2. Devices will be completely wiped clean before the sale is complete, restoring the device to its original factory settings.

3. Devices are sold with a 14-day warranty from the purchase date. All future repairs after the 14-days post-sale will be the sole responsibility of the owner. If Veazie Community School cannot repair your device within that 14-day window, it will either replace the device with a different, used device; or, offer your purchase price back in return.

4. This opportunity does not apply to MLTI Apple Macbook Air laptops.

5. Chromebooks not purchased in this first round of sales will be offered up to VCS staff members and remaining students in grades PK, 1, 7, 8.

6. Chromebooks not purchased in the second round of sales will be offered to citizens in the VCS community.
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