7th and 8th grade transfers: 2018-19 Registration Form: All students are required to take the following core classes: Science, Math, Social Studies, and English/Language Arts.
Thank you in advance for completing this registration form. Classes are subject to change.
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Please choose 6 elective classes from the list below: We will do our best to honor your requests. (Elective classes may change)
We have support classes in reading and math. You or your student may qualify for one of these classes. These classes are year-long and replace an elective class. If you are interested in taking a support class, please check reading or math
For English Language Learners (ELL), do you know which level are you a part of?
For students who are on an Individual Education Program (IEP), please check areas you or your student receive support. (Please provide us with a copy of the IEP.)
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