ALCOHOL Event Registration Form
The purpose of this form is to reiterate and reinforce the private party expectations set forth by the Rice University Alcohol Policy. If used properly, this form will do two things: ensure that hosts understand that they are responsible and accountable for the safety of their guests as well as serve as a planning aid for more safe and successful parties.

- Must be turned in to the Private Party Justice via email at least 24 hours before the party (
- Parties may be cancelled or postponed by the CJ if a form is turned in too close to the deadline and there remain serious deficiencies in the planning of the party.
- Failure of host(s) to submit a form may result in a fine or other action.

Host Responsibilities:
- Must remain present throughout their private gathering and maintain control.
- The host is responsible for the behavior and conduct of their guests.
- The host must be aware of the alcohol policy and the potential ramifications involving hard alcohol, the serving of those under the age of 21, the private space the gathering will be contained within and the number of people attending the event at any given time.
- Ensure someone is acting as a caregiver for the private party (who has gone through caregiver training). *Can be handled on a case-to-case basis, please contact court if unsure

Hard Alcohol:
- Hard alcohol can be significantly more dangerous to individuals than softer forms of alcohol
- SJP may rusticate you for providing hard alcohol to people under 21.
- Grain alcohol of any kind is always prohibited (anything over 50%)
- "Hard alcohol" ( >22% ABV ) means every alcohol drink except beer, wine, and pre-made alcohol drinks that are not made from distilled spirits.
- Hard alcohol is only permitted in private rooms where everyone is at least 21.
- Regardless of age, undergraduates may not drink or serve hard alcohol anywhere on campus on Beer Bike, NOD, Sid 80s, Bacchanlia, move-in weekend, VISION weekend, or Owl Days

Contact Information:
Chief Justice - Frances Williamson (361) 688-9866
Private Party Justice - Charles Davis (601) 540-5167
EMS/RUPD - (713) 348-6000)

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