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Last Call On the Line is a six-week live web-series that is geared specifically to addressing substance use and addiction in the culinary profession. Using his first-hand knowledge of addiction, the industry, and his skills as a counsellor, Dean Anderson will walk you through the process of change and how powerful it can be, building a stronger more effective team. Focusing on wellness, mental health, and team development, Dean will bring awareness, empathy, and soft skills to deal with hard situations.

Topics We’ll Be Touching On

• What is it? Understanding Addiction and Mental Wellness.

• Why do I care? Impacts on the Work Place and team.

• How is the person with the addiction impacted? Empathy and The Addict Mind.

• How do I talk to someone who is struggling? What tools does a leader need.
Hard Conversations and Communication.

• What does care and treatment look like? Where do I get help?
Navigating services and Peer Support (12 steps).

• How do we change the future of the industry? Culture and Lasting Change.

Let's change kitchen culture from the top down.
Join us for this six week course and be part of the change,
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