Explorer Classroom | October Registration
Sign up here for Explorer Classroom sessions in October. The first six classrooms to sign up will be featured on camera and have the chance to ask the Explorer questions directly!

This month on Explorer Classroom we are focusing on Reefs!

Mike Gil | Biologist | 10/4 @ 12PM ET

IN THE FIELD with Joe Cutler & Zeb Hogan | Mongolia | 10/5 @ 9AM ET

Emma Camp | Marine Bio-geochemist | 10/10 @ 9AM ET

Ryan Eagleson | Marine Biologist | 10/11 @ 10:30AM ET

Elizabeth Forbes | Ecologist | 10/11 @ 1PM ET

Erica Woolsey | Marine Biologist & Technologist | 10/15 @ 11AM ET

Jonatha Giddens | Ocean Conservation Ecologist | 10/16 @ 3:30PM ET

Abby McBride | Sketch Biologist | 10/17 @ 1PM ET

Lights on Afterschool Special ONBOARD THE EXPLORATION VESSEL NAUTILUS | 10/23 @ 3:15PM ET

Lights on Afterschool Special Joe Cutler | Ichthyologist | 10/24 @ 5PM ET


IN THE FIELD with Bertie Gregory | Arctic Canada | 10/15 @ 3PM ET


Please Note: Explorer Classroom sessions are live events hosted on YouTube. They are open to the public and recorded. Please share these terms with parents of students who will participate live on camera. If any parents or students prefer not to be on camera, please accommodate their wishes in your classroom.

Learn more about National Geographic Explorer Classroom at natgeoed.org/explorerclassroom

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