Landlords & Benefits Survey
We are interested in understanding the views of private landlords of the benefit system and whether you have been put off renting properties to benefit claimants. Universal Credit is changing how this will work and who it will affect. We want to know what you think and what would make it easier for you to rent to people in receipt of benefits.

This questionnaire is anonymous and should only take a few moments to complete. Thanks for your time.
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Do you currently accept tenants on benefits?
If NO, please tick the reasons which apply:
Would you consider renting to people with the following types of income (tick all that apply:
Which of the following would make you more willing to rent to benefit claimants in the future?
Under Universal Credit it is possible to request the housing element be paid directly to you. You can do this using form UC47 or the tenant can ask the Jobcentre for this. Would this make you more likely to rent to someone in receipt of UC?
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Would schemes like “jam-jar” accounts from East Sussex Credit Union encourage you to take on a benefit claimant as a tenant? (The tenant saves a regular amount to cover the possibility of rent arrears)
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Please tell us what puts you off renting to benefit claimants:
Please tell us any other measures which would make you more likely to rent to benefit claimants:
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