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V2 serial can be found on the back of the AP, V3 can be found under the face plate. V3 serial will start with "SUB". For open source tuning, enter "OS".
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MAF based is what a Subaru normally uses, Speed Density (SD) requires some changes. Choose MAF unless you know you are setup for SD.
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If you specify FlexFuel, please also select the type of gasoline that you want to be tuned for for that portion of the tune. Also, note the flex fuel kit you are using in other mods and what is being used for the input if it is not a Cobb kit. (Rear o2, TGV L, TGV R). If you are not flex fuel but want to be tuned for more than one fuel type, please select all types.
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If your intake is not listed, please choose "Other" and specify your intake in the additional mods section
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Choose stock if injectors are original to the car or choose from the list if they have been upgraded
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If your pump is hard wired or running an aftermarket pump controller, please note that in the "Other mods" section.
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Please indicate if your fuel pump is using factory wiring or has an aftermarket hardwire kit added. This is strongly recommended when running E85 fuel on larger than stock turbo setups or using larger fuel pumps such as the Walbro 4XX pumps.
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Fuel pressure regulator *
Turbocharger *
Use "Stock" if your turbo is the OEM one for your model/year, otherwise, specify what you have.
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Wastegate spring pressure *
Use "Stock" for a stock wastegate setup or specify the spring if you have external or adjustable internal
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Bypass valve *
Sometimes referred to as "Blow off valve". ** Stock or recirculating/adjustable is preferable for MAF tuning.
Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor *
Deleted items
Wideband Air Fuel Ratio gauge *
Engine *
Stock means un-opened, original motor, rebuilt means its been opened up but has stock internals, built means upgraded internals
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Approximately how many miles on the engine itself
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Specify the type of oil you use
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Engine details
If the engine is rebuilt or built, please specify what has been done with it in as much details as possible
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Other mods
Specify any additional mods or provide any specific info if you chose "Other" for one of the items above
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