13th Annual Hyles Baptist Church Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show - Sept 12 2020 **Our show has a LIMIT this year of 120 ENTRIES** Must be pre-registered to enter the show. No onsite registrations will be taken the day of the event. We take judging seriously and try to do it in a timely manner and this year decided a limit was necessary to the success of our show. We've also adjusted our car classes from 3 groups to 4 groups. ** See you soon!
You're invited to be part of our Car, Truck & Motorcycle show again. Our 2019 show had 147 entries. I don't know how we did it, BUT WE Can't Do That Again. We have made the hard decision to cut off this year at 120 entries. We want to finish up on time and that is impossible when we keep growing and growing. If you register using our online form you will receive an email before the show date with your entry number and other information. You may mail your payment to Jimmy Leavy. $15 if postmarked by Sept. 2. $20 after that. Online registration will close Sept. 1. Show Date is Sat. Sept. 12, 2020. The rain date is Sept 19, 2019. Email addresses are only collected so we can send you information about the current show. It will not be sold or used for any other purpose. *PLEASE INCLUDE THE MAIN COLORS OF YOUR ENTRY.** Visit and share our Website http://hbccarshow.com/ After you register online you can print and mail the form with your payment to Jimmy Leavy information is on the form. Link to form:
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Entrants and Participants, by execution of this form, release the staff, leadership and members of the Hyles Baptist Church for any damage, injuries, losses, judgments or claims for any cause what-so-ever that may be suffered by any entrant to his/her person and or property. Proceeds to benefit the Children's Mission Programs at Hyles Baptist Church.
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Enter any questions or special notes about your entry here. You will receive a confirmation email before the event with your car entry # and instructions for entry. NEW**Everyone entering will be processed on the drivers side of the entry lane.
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If you have any questions please feel free to email hylesbaptistcarshow@gmail.com
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