Teaching in the Church
Please give your honest answers.  Your name and information is not being collected.  For these questions, I am referring to a Sunday School or Relief Society/ Priesthood Quorum lesson.  
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What do you hope to get out of your lesson each Sunday? *
What makes a great teacher? *
Which way do you think church lessons should lean? *
Teacher instruction
Learner participation
How important are visual aids?  (Power Points, parts of talks, videos, etc.? ) *
Not at all
A must have
Do you enjoy breaking into small groups to discuss parts of the lesson? *
Tell me why you like breaking into small groups or why you hate it. *
What frustrates you about Sunday lessons?  *
What is one thing you feel a good teacher always does *
What is one thing you think a less talented teacher does? *
How important do you think it is to get information (quotes, scriptures, etc.) from outside the printed lesson? *
How excited are you to go to Sunday School in your ward? *
Not at all
Can't wait!
How excited are you to attend Relief Society/Priesthood Quorum each week?  *
Not at all
Can't wait
What is one thing you learned in a Sunday lesson that you have not been able to forget?  Why do you think it stuck? *
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