Learn Not to Burn Knowledge Test
1. A smoke alarm makes this sound_____.
2. You need a smoke alarm where you ___.
3. If the smoke alarm sounds, where would you go?
4. Every room in my house needs ___ways out.
5. Every home fire escape plan needs ____.
6. My family and I should practice our home fire drill___.
7. Why is it important to know the escape plan of each home in which I sleep?
8. Which button should you press to call 9-1-1 if you do not know the code?
9. If your m other fell off a ladder and could not move, what would you do?
10. The fire department needs to know ___ if you call 9-1-1.
11. Which one of these items is hot or could get hot?
12. What can you do to be safe around hot things?
13. Why is it important to tell a grown-up if I find matches or lighters?
14. Things that get hot can cause___.
15. Why is it important to stay 3 feet away from hot things?
16. Which chore is safe to do at home for kids your age?
17. When would you use stop, drop, and roll?
18. Fire needs what 3 things to start and keep burning?
19. When you stop, drop, and roll you are taking away the ___from fire.
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