New Thresholds Post Test
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Which of the following are correct steps to taking a time out during an argument? (Check all that apply *
Which of the following are true about anger? (Check all that apply) *
Individuals who tend to be abusive often have a “profile” which includes various personality traits and family history.  Check all answers which are part of the “abuser profile.” *
Which of the following behaviors are considered to be characteristics of power and control? (Check the correct answers) *
Of the three following behaviors, which is the most desirable? (Check the appropriate answer) *
Of these three behaviors which is most appropriate for women? (Check the correct answer) *
Of these three behaviors which is most appropriate for men? (Check the correct answer) *
Which of the following are true regarding “fair fighting?” (Check the correct answers) *
When Alex punched the wall while arguing with Jill, what was Jill’s likely reaction? (Check the answers below you think are most likely true) *
The relationship based on EQUALITY has what characteristics? (Check those which are true) *
List two ways in which you can begin to increase your self-esteem. *
Name one positive change you have made as a result of attending New Thresholds. *
Alcohol causes domestic abuse *
It is okay to hit one’s partner when angry. *
Hitting children is an appropriate way to discipline them and change their behavior. *
Women like to be controlled and treated as possessions.  It makes them feel loved. *
It is correct and effective for men to act at home and in their relationships in the same way they act at work. *
The best way to ensure a positive self-esteem in our children is to offer frequent praise, gentle constructive criticism, and unconditional acceptance and love. *
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