Command & Conquer Remastered
The Command & Conquer franchise is approaching it's 25th anniversary. To celebrate 25 years of Commanding & Conquering armies, a team at EA is currently exploring ways to remaster or recreate one, or several of the past C&C titles, with the community's help. This short survey's purpose is to relay the community's feedback to the development team.

Please note that the term "remaster" implies a simple visual remaster in the style of "StarCraft: Remastered", whereas the term "remake" implies gameplay features and core game features might be changed, which is the case of the "Final Fantasy VII" remake.

Please keep in mind that this is not an official poll from EA, but is made by a community member/fan.
- Alex06

Should the next C&C game be a remaster, remake or an entirely new game?
Which C&C game should be remastered or remade for the 25th anniversary? Please check all that apply.
Would you prefer a remake of an original title or a remaster?
If any of the original 2D games is being remastered, should it be changed to 3D or isometric, or should it stay the same?
In the case of a new C&C game, what universe should the game be set in?
Do you have any other suggestions for the future of the C&C franchise and for a potential 25th anniversary game?
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