Deal card customization review
Based on your response to post on the Community Forum, the HubSpot Product Team would love to hear a bit more about your thoughts on "deal card customization"
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If HubSpot allowed for the customization of the properties that display in the (A) Board View, would you want and expect the properties to be the same or different as the properties that appear for deals on the (B) Record View? *
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On a scale of 1-5, how important are the avatars on cards to you? *
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There are currently 3 properties on a deal card - which of them are you most interested in changing? *
What property are you most interested in adding to the deal card? (This can be a custom property or a HubSpot standard property) *
Would you expect every deal card to have the same customization applied? If not, which of the below methods of customization would apply most to your business? *
How has NOT having this functionality impacted your businesses ability to use and gain value from HubSpot? *
It hasn't fundamentally harmed us, but would be nice.
This has prevented us from using HubSpot entirely
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