OBARC Net Reports
This is (Call Sign) Net Control for the Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club's Tech and Information Net.

This is a directed Net that meets every Thursday, at 8:30pm local time on the 147.255 repeater with a 79.7 tone.

The primary purpose of this Net is to promote amateur radio, practice net procedures, traffic handling, and allow amateur operators the opportunity to ask questions, discuss topics, and pass on information to the amateur community.

Is there any emergency or priority traffic for the Net?

Is there any formal traffic for the Net? (NTS traffic with a number)

Is there any informal traffic for the Net?

Announcements will be handled after all checkins have been acknowledged. Are there any announcements for the Net?

I will now take regular check-ins beginning with suffixes A-M.

I will now take check-ins beginning with suffixes N-Z.

Any station anywhere A-Z.

Hearing no further check-ins, does anyone have anything else for the Net?

This is (Call Sign) thanking all #___ stations who participated tonight. I will now close the Net at (Time)_____ local time and return the frequency to normal use. 73 (Call Sign)
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