Skipper rights - Practical examination 2018
Sign up for the skipper rights practical examination. Make sure you are able to meet the practical and theoretical requirements discriped in the following document, this applies to all boat classes:
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Agreement and acceptance of terms
I am a HSS SC member and have paid my membership fees. (Not required for visiting skippers or HSS juniors.)

I am familiar with how to use the boats and acknowledge that as a a Skipper I am expected to be at a level where I am able to sail with a crew of inexperienced sailors in the given boat type.

I hereby agree with Audi HSS Sailing Center – Helsingfors Segelsällskap r.f. (hereafter “HSS SC”) on the following terms (hereafter "Agreement"):

The Skipper agrees to look after the boat he or she is using on behalf of his or her own actions and his or her crews’ actions and guarantees that the boat is being used in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations and orders issued by HSS SC.

Insurance and damages:
HSS SC is responsible for insuring the boats. The insurance covers damages to the skippered boat and damages to third parties (property damages up to 255.000 EUR and personal damages up to 510.000 EUR). Damage is predominantly understood as damage to the boat or its togs that are the result of an accident. The liability does not extend to wear and tear that is the result of normal use.

The insurances include the following insurance deductibles (omavastuu):
• Lasers and Elliots 420 EUR.
• SM40 600 EUR.

Liability for damage (including insurance deductible) depends on the time and place of the incident:
• If an incident happens during guided trainings, HSS shall be liable for the damage.
• If an incident happens during beginners’ course, try out day, corporate sailing or talkoo, HSS shall be liable for the damage.
• If an incident happens outside guided trainings, e.g. during Wednesday races or when a Skipper has taken a boat at other times, the Skipper shall be liable for the damage.

If the insurance does not cover the damage, either a) the Skipper or b) HSS shall be liable for the whole damage (i.e. Skipper or HSS shall pay the costs related to the damage) depending on the time and place of the incident (see different alternatives above).

The aforesaid division of liability based on the time and place of the incident shall not be applied to if the Skipper acted intentionally or in gross negligence or the skippered boat has been used contrary to the terms of this Agreement. In these cases the Skipper shall always be liable for the caused damage.

Skipper is required to fill a sailing report after each sailing session (available on the HSS Adult Sailing website).

Assignment of rights and termination of the Agreement:
Skipper shall not assign the right to use a boat to a third party. Skipper may neither assign this Agreement as a whole or any parts of it to a third party without a prior written consent from HSS SC. If the Skipper violates the terms of this Agreement HSS MRC may immediately terminate the Agreement. This Agreement does not automatically grant the Skipper the right to skip the selected boats and granting these rights is subject to HSS SC consideration and approval.

I hereby assure to have read this Agreement, HSS SC rules for boat usage, rules for permitted sailing areas, as well as all other HSS SC instructions, and to adhere to those terms, rules and instructions.
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