Nib Processing Order Form
If this form seems overwhelming feel free to just send me an email or give me a call. or 678-683-9265 (you can text me at this number as well)

Also, you don't have to print this form out. Simply fill it out online and click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom.

You can go ahead and send in your pens/nibs once you've filled out the form and submitted it. No further action is required.

If you would like to "show" me how you hold your pen feel free to send any images or links to videos to my email address below.

For valuable pens, please consider shipping via FedEx/UPS. If sending valuable pens, consider sending with "Signature Required". If you have a large pen collection you may want to consider a collectibles insurance policy as they often cover pens during transit (although some may require "signature delivery" to cover any loss). Such as ones that can be found at: (no affiliation).

It is best to empty your pen of ink before shipment. Please avoid shipping your pens in their heavy original packaging. I have pen tubes available or you can use PVC tubing to protect your valuable pens from being crushed, etc. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on shipping.

USPS and additional insurance: After doing some research it seems there might be a greater chance of "things" happening to an "insured" package. The fact that something "insured" might make it more of a target. In addition, it appears that it is difficult (forms to be filled out and months to wait) to get reimbursed on a claim with USPS.

For expensive pens I recommend shipment to me and return shipment to you via FedEx Express Saver or FedEx Home. If you declare the value over $400 they will automatically require a signature.

Currently all nib work is tested with Waterman Serenity Blue on Rhodia or Franklin-Christoph paper.

Ship your pen to:
Mark Bacas
2645 Merry Road
Cumming, GA 30041-7735
United States

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Return Shipping Information *
Where to send your pen(s) back to.
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Return Shipping Options
I recommend FedEx Express Saver (not available for Hawaii) or FedEx Home/Ground for anything over $200. Tracking and delivery confirmation is included in standard shipping prices. If you have specific return shipping requests please let me know here. Insurance or signature confirmation on any of the below is an additional charge. If something other than the options below are desired please use "Other" to specify and I'll do what I can to accommodate and only charge actual shipping charges.
Shipping Insurance or Signature Confirmation
USPS Priority Mail comes with $50 included insurance. FedEx includes $100 (anything over $400 will automatically require signature confirmation, however, I can indicate to not collect a signatuer). For USPS International Priority Mail I usually ship in a Flat Rate Padded Mailer which includes $200 insurance. Please include below any additional insurance you might like and if you would like to have Signature Confirmation. If you are not sure we can discuss via email.
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Gift Certificate Code
Someone nice enough to give you a custom grind as a gift? Enter the code provided here.
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Discount Code
If you have one, enter it here.
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Nib Modifications/Services *
Select type of nib work and use comment section for further explanation. For example, if you select oblique left foot below and want it to be a cursive italic style grind. Or if you want the reversible grind you can use the comment section to indicated the 2 styles. Note: Tuning and general adjustment is included as part of any grind. Please note that some factory stub/italic nibs (for example 1.1mm italic) are generally not suitable for nib modification (especially something like an Architect grind) as they often don't have tipping material. Please contact me before submitting those types of nibs to discuss customization. If a certain line width is desired (especially when selecting the grind down in size option) please send along a desired writing sample if possible and I'll work to match the nib work to the writing sample. Some prices vary depending on the service required. For example, some bent nib work is more involved than others. I try to be fair with regards to the amount of time I spend and the amount I charge. As indicated below, I won't charge more than a certain amount without contacting you first.
PayPal Invoice?
Are you okay with receiving a PayPal invoice after services rendered? Just as a side note you don't have to have a PayPal account to make a payment via the PayPal invoice. You can enter Credit/Debit Card information directly.
Pen and/or Nib Description(s)
Any information you would like to share with me about the pens/nibs.
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Tracking number?
Please include any tracking information if you have already shipped your pens/nibs.
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How many pens are you sending?
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How many nib units are you sending?
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Comments on what you would like done.
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Multiple Choice Questions for Tweaking
The below questions will help with getting a better understanding of your writing style. Answering them is optional. Only needed once per customer.
Preferred Ink Flow
Use "Other" if you want to specify a specific number.
Lefty or Righty?
Which hand do your write with?
How heavy is your hand?
Do you press hard when you write?
Writing style?
How fast do you write?
It's all about speed.
What size letters do you make?
What angle do you hold your pen to the page?
Angle in degrees. Vertical orientation. If it helps you can think of angles based on a clock. 12 o'clock would be 90° and 3 o'clock would be 0°. 2 o'clock is 30° and 1 o'clock is 60°. Between 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock is 45°.
Do you rotate your pen?
Rotation may lend itself to an oblique nib.
Do you tilt your pen?
Not up and down, but side to side.
Do you have a favorite ink?
If we have that ink available we'll try to use it during nib testing. Feel free to include a sample with your pen.
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Do you have favorite paper?
If we have that paper available we'll try to use it during nib testing. Feel free to include a sample with your pen.
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Other comments or instructions.
Please list anything else you might feel is relevant to your nib work.
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How did you hear about Nib Grinder?
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