Interest in Community Kitchens & Dads' Kitchens
Please fill out this form if you are still interested in Community Kitchens and Dads' Kitchens at Saanich Neighbourhood Place. We will be in touch with you about registering for specific kitchen days.
If you want to register yourself and someone else (partner, friend, etc), please fill out a separate form for the other person.
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Community Kitchens
Enjoy cooking in a group and taking home delicious meals to your family. Program is open to everyone! Cost is $10 + $2 for childminding. Bus tickets are available. This is a very popular program. On average, you will be able to participate once every 1 or 2 months.
Dads' Kitchens
Enjoy cooking in a group with other dads and take home delicious meals to your family. Contribution: $10 + $2 for childminding. Dads' Kitchens occur once a month.
Which of the following programs are you interested and available for? (check all that apply) *
On some days, a registered participants has to drop-out at the last minute, the day before a kitchen. Would you be interested in being contacted the day before a kitchen if there's last-minute space available *
We have limited childminding spaces available so you can participate in the kitchens. Childminding is for children 0-5 years old.
Please note that for the Wednesday Community Kitchens, childminding will be limited to children 0-3 years old.
Do you require childminding to be able to participate in the programs? *
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If your children are in Full o' Beans Preschool, what day(s) are they in preschool?
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Dietary restrictions and food allergies
Kitchens are an opportunity to prepare and take home 3-4 dishes for you and your family.
Tell us about any dietary restrictions or food allergies you or your family has:
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