Property Redevelopment Committee Vodcast Feedback
Thank you for watching the first episode of the PRC Vodcast. It is vital that the PRC continues to hear questions and ideas from the congregation. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.
Did Episode 1 of the PRC Vodcast answer some of the questions you had about land leases and the potential for FBCH entering into a land lease agreement?
Did the Vodcast raise or fail to answer a question you have about land leases? If so, please provide your question for the PRC.
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Would you like to view more PRC Vodcasts on the subject of FBCH property redevelopment?
Do you have a question or a subject that you would like the FBCH Property Redevelopment Committee to address in a vodcast? If so, please provide:
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Would you say the vodcast was:
You may choose to submit this form anonymously. However, in order for the committee to respond directly to your questions, it would be helpful to provide your name. By providing your name, it is assumed the church office can share your email contact information with the Property Redevelopment Committee.
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