Team Georgia Athlete Code of Conduct for National Team events during the 2019 Season.
Code of Conduct for Athlete traveling with the National Teams.
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I (parent listed above) understand that my wrestler (listed above) will be participating with other team members, and Team Georgia Coaches, Staff, Chaperones and Directors ("Team Georgia Leaders") in practices, training, clinics, camps, conferences, travel, competitions and other functions ("Team Functions").

As a member of this group, my wrestler WILL BE EXPECTED TO ABIDE BY ALL THE RULES SET UP BY THE TEAM GEORGIA LEADERS. The wrestler agrees to conduct themself in a manner that will be a credit to them, their community, their team, and their family.
The wrestler will:
1) Understand and obey all rules and regulations issued by Team Georgia Leaders.

2) Demonstrate cooperation and respect to all staff, volunteers and participants.

3) Show respect for the rights, privacy, and property of others. This includes refraining from harassment – unwelcome or
unsolicited speech or conduct – of all persons regardless of their race, religion, color, creed, sex, national origin, sexual
orientation, or disability.

4) Recognize that hazing of any kind is strictly prohibited.

5) Recognize that the possession, use, sale or distribution any alcohol, tobacco, or of any controlled or illegal substance,
or any weapon is strictly forbidden.

6) Recognize that the possession of inappropriate or explicit material is prohibited. This applies to computers, books,
magazines, movies, phone etc.

7) Comply with the schedule of all Team Functions, including events, meals, quiet hours, and curfews.

8) Take responsibility for their personal property, room key (paying for it if lost), meal/access card, agree to secure their
room at all times, and are legally and financially responsible for any damages to property or thievery while attending Team

9) Understand that all facilities (including, but not limited to schools, residence halls and hotel properties) not being used
at Team Functions are strictly off limits, and that they are not allowed to leave campus/location without the Team Georgia
Leaders' permission and supervision.

10) Take responsibility for their safety by traveling in pairs and/or groups, both on and off campus, as directed by Team
Georgia Leaders.

11) Display proper respect and sportsmanship toward coaches, officials, administrators, teammates, fellow competitors
and the public at all times.

12) Refrain from any illegal or inappropriate behavior that would detract from a positive image of themselves, their school
their family and Team Georgia Wrestling, or be detrimental to its performance.

13) Recognize that no members of the opposite sex are permitted in athletes’ rooms. Athletes must stay in their assigned
room. Room service is not permitted without Team Georgia Leaders' permission. Athletes are responsible for all incidental

14) Comply with Team Georgia/USA wrestling uniform requirements. Trading of Team Gear is not permitted until after the
last competition. It is not permitted to exhibit any clothing, paraphernalia, grooming, jewelry, accessories or body
adornments that contain advertisement, symbols, words, slogans, patches, or pictures that are sexually suggestive; that
are drug, tobacco, or alcohol related; or that are obscene, profane, vulgar, lewd, indecent, or plainly offensive.

15) Support team members and take responsibility for the teams’ actions.
I understand that if the wrestler does not follow the rules, regulations, and code of conduct at Team Functions, they may be dismissed from such function with no refund and the parents are responsible to either pick them up or pay for their immediate transportation home.

The directions & decisions of the Team Georgia Leaders are final. The wrestler will act in a way that will bring respect and honor to themselves, their teammates, Georgia wrestling, USA Wrestling and the United States. They will remember that at all times they are an ambassador for their sport, their state, their country and the Olympic Movement.
a. All team members are apprised in writing of this policy. Submission of this documentation constitutes unconditional agreement to comply with the Travel Code of Conduct.

b. An evaluation system will be established to determine if all aspects of the policy have been followed by the team.

c. Failure to comply with the Travel Code of Conduct as set forth in this document for Team Georgia Wrestling may result in disciplinary action.

d. Disciplinary Action while traveling: - for minor offenses:
1st offense – verbal warning
2nd offense – phone call home
3rd offense – sent home at athlete’s/parents expense

e. Disciplinary Action while traveling: - for major offenses:
1st offense – authorities notified and wrestler sent home at athlete’s/parents expense
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By Entering my name below I agree to follow the Team Georgia Code of Conduct *
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