Telling your Environmental Center Story!
This year marks the Environmental Center’s 25th Anniversary. As part of our celebrations, we would love to hear, and ultimately share, some of the memories that you have from your time with the Environmental Center and how, in turn, those experiences influenced your life post-college.

We will be posting our alumni stories to the Environmental Center and FLC’s Social Media outlets, as well as, within the EC’s Digest, an online bi-weekly newsletter that goes out to community members, current students and alumni, in late October.

Thank you so, so much for taking the time to share your story, help us build our collective memory and celebrate 25 years of successes big and small!

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When were you at the EC?
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What was your role/what did you do while at the EC?
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What did you gain from your experience at the EC that has aided or influenced you in your post-FLC life?
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How are you now working to make the world more “socially-just, and ecologically-responsible”? Answer this however you want to – a personal anecdote and practices, perhaps something you are doing in your career? Maybe the way you engage with community…whatever the case may be!
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Now for some fun-- what is your favorite memory or a great story to share from your time at the EC...
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